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Education is the sum of everything a person learns that enables that person to live a satisfying and meaningful life.

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Notes from the Field

Introduction to Self Directed Education

Intro to SDE Self-Directed Education (SDE), Natural Learning (NL) and Unschooling Written by Je’anna Clements, pro-bono for the Pestalozzi trust Self-Directed Education, also called Natural Learning, and Unschooling, is... Read More

Stealth Games and Birdsong

Underwater clouds erupting from sticky brown mud. Kids everywhere in the shallow pools, toes warmed by mud that squishes between them. Fish, tan-colored, each with a distinct thin black... Read More

Changes in the Landscape

We enjoyed a beautiful, windswept day at Reeds Brook this week. Caitlin Thurell and Sylan contemplated the location and movement of the giant ice floe since been last week.... Read More

Mud Season Arrives

We enjoyed a bright, warm day at Reeds Brook this week. During arrival we played Towhee, a game that challenges us to sneak up on a mother bird who... Read More