Introduction to Self Directed Education

Intro to SDE Self-Directed Education (SDE), Natural Learning (NL) and Unschooling Written by Je’anna Clements, pro-bono for the Pestalozzi trust Self-Directed Education, also called Natural Learning, and Unschooling, is fast growing in popularity around the world. However, many people struggle to understand exactly what it is. Summerhill School, which opened in the UK in 1921, and Sudbury Valley School (SVS) opened in the USA in 1968, were both founded on the idea that young people can be treated with kindness … Read More

Journey to Self Directed Education

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Being with young people was one of the earliest out of the home responsibilities I had as a teen. In my early teen years I participated in the Red Cross Babysitting Course and soon after began working for families in my neighborhood. This evolved into many years of full time work as a nanny in my late teens and early twenties. By age 19 I was grocery shopping, preparing meals, and providing childcare for a family with 5 children. I … Read More


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We often receive inquiries about knives and carving. Mentors will be using knives, folding saws, hatchets, and other blade tools regularly for things like crafts, firewood, and shelter building. We’ll also be teaching the basics of knife safety to the entire group. It is always optional to bring or use a knife. If parents consent, and if a participant wants to use a knife, mentors will evaluate when and how this is appropriate taking into account age, spatial and physical awareness, prior experience, exposure to … Read More