Plant Medicine for Young People

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In this student directed learning program, we’ll learn how to identify, preserve, formulate and incorporate plant medicine into our lives while deepening relationship with species in the northeast bioregion.

Participants will direct the group course of study, and have the opportunity to individually focus on areas they are most interested in learning about. This program is intended for ages 12 – 19, though anyone who is motivated to apply is encouraged to do so.

Each month we’ll gather in person for one full weekend day at the Teaching Grove. We may travel for special topics or field trips, but most months will stay within Waldo county. All or much of our time together will be spent outdoors depending on class content, weather, and covid-19 requirements.

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Tuition may be paid as a recurring monthly charge or one time payment per 6 month session (details below). Mentoring, peer support, and classwork will be encouraged, although not required between sessions. Most materials will be included, there may be some exceptions. We are excited to collaborate with the local network of highly skilled herbalists as guest mentors.

Topics that may be covered:




Emotional Heath

Medicine Making

Clinical Skills


Immune System


Reproductive Health

Skin Care

Culinary Uses

Caitlin Horigan has been studying plant medicine with numerous teachers since 2014 and was an organizer of the Maine Herbalist Gathering in 2016. In 2019 she developed a self-directed herbal medicine curriculum for young adults as part of co-guiding the gap program at Glen Brook. She maintains a small practice supporting people in shifting their diets to bioregional, wild, and seasonal foods, offering guidance on how to incorporate medicinal foods into daily meals and support homeostasis in the body with herbal medicine. While there are many more individuals than could be named here she has deep gratitude for teachings from the following mentors:

Sliding Scale Tuition

The sliding scale tuition model is a type of fee structure that accounts for variability in assets, income, and expenses as an attempt to increase accessibility for people with less financial and/or class privilege. We recognize there are social, physical, and material barriers to accessing this type of programmaing as well.

If neither the subsidized or scholarship rates are accessible for your family, please contact us and let us know what your needs are. We are committed to making programs accessible to anyone who is interested and are actively fundraising to increase our capacity to reach this goal.

This model allows self selection of registration cost, please pay the actual cost of attendance if you do not experience difficulty meeting your family's basic needs such as housing, food, and transportation.

Early drop off and extended day payments

Where do you fall on the tuition scale? We believe that examining the intersection of privilege, wealth, and class is a lifelong process. The following questions are offered to provide starting points for exploring these topics, and not a definite tool for evaluating privilege and wealth.

You might qualify to pay full tuition if some or all of these apply to you:

Own property.

Can afford to take time off or go on vacation.

Receive unearned or gifted income.

Have a retirement account or other investments.

Choose to work part time or not at all.

Make more than 75K per year.

Have no debt.

You might qualify to utilize the sliding scale if some or all of these apply to you:

Living paycheck to paycheck.

Struggle to pay minimum payments on debt.

Experience difficulty meeting basic needs like housing, food, and transportation.

Do not have savings.

Your ability to work or earn money is affected by illness, mental or physical disability.

Have to work more than 40 hours a week to make ends meet.

Read more about Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice.

Recurring Monthly Payment



Actual cost — My family’s basic needs are met.



I occasionally have difficulty meeting my family’s basic needs.



Meeting my family’s basic needs is an ongoing challenge.

Pay Per Session (6 months)



Actual cost — My family’s basic needs are met.



I occasionally have difficulty meeting my family’s basic needs.



Meeting my family’s basic needs is an ongoing challenge.

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