A space for young people to deepen into transitions in their lives, families, and communities while celebrating thresholds they are crossing or approaching as they move into adolescence. An opportunity to explore our relationships with one another, with the more than human world, and with our ancestral lineages.

Facilitators will hold space to support participants in moving towards an ecocentric (as opposed to egocentric) adolescence, where they are empowered to express themselves authentically in order to bring their unique gifts into the world. Participants will be offered invitations to consider aspects of childhood that may feel incomplete, while dreaming into a life-affirming future for themselves, our species, and the planet.

Programming will be focused on supporting young people in connecting with their innate inner resources and creativity, while cultivating a deep sense of belonging and knowing one’s place in the web of human community and the more than human world.

Along with nature-based skills, crafts, games, expressive arts, and ceremony, participants will weave into camp life and community by helping prepare meals and tending our hearth. There will also be regular invitations for solo time on the land.

Overnight, nature immersion programming on Thistle Pond in Monroe.

Weeklong Summer Intensive | Ages 13 – 15

Drop off Sunday, July 28th: 10:30am | Pick up Sunday, August 4th: 4pm

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• Crafts
• Song
• Ceremony
• Storytelling
• Plants as food and medicine
• Preparing meals together
• Working with fire, wood, and knives
• Expanding comfort outdoors
• Sit spot / solo time / wandering
• Play and games
• Deepening relationship with the more than human world
• Council
• Movement and embodiment practices
• Dreamwork

Specific bodies of work integrated into programming:

Work that Reconnects: Read Active Hope or Coming Back to Life for more details
• Nature and the Human Soul & Wild Mind (Bill Plotkin and the work of Animas Valley Institute)
Forest Therapy
• 8 Shields Nature Connection Mentoring
• Expressive Arts Therapies

Registration is open now!

Below is our registration system. Once you have set up an account you can log in anytime to view program details such as dates and location.

In 2024 we will hold pre-program preparatory interviews with all participants. You will be contacted for scheduling within three weeks of registering. We aim to complete interviews by July 1st.

There are weekly and monthly payment plans available for all programing and we use a sliding scale tuition model. To read more about our tuition structure click here.

The vision for Rising Moon programming is a year long immersion, with an extended overnight summer session, a few weekends per year, and single day gatherings to stay connected.

Upcoming Weekends

March 15 – 17 | May 17 – 19

Open to past participants of Rising Moon

Single Day Gatherings

Future Dates TBA

Opportunities for a deeper dive into something specific, such as weaving a basket, learning about plants, the Work that Reconnects, or any other emerging topic that is relevant to the group. These dates will be scheduled as need arises. Some days may be open to caregivers, family and/or the wider community. These gatherings help build relationships within the container of the program, prepare participants for fully diving in each weekend, and make space for deeper exploration of emerging themes and interests.

Staff Team

Moriah Helms


I am dedicated to co-creating a culture where young people are seen, honored, and are given a place to express their full essence. Finding our place and navigating relationships within both the human and more-than-human worlds is vitally important!

Jesse Ash Newcomb

Guest Mentor


Caitlin Horigan


Caitlin Horigan has been a mentor in a wide variety of settings in numerous countries for more than two decades. She is an advocate of self-directed educationand anti-oppression changework. Her teaching weaves together Joanna Macy’s The Work that Reconnects and Bill Plotkin’s Wild Mind model with expeditions, naturalist skills, and nature connection practices.

Caitlin has facilitated both day and residential place-based nature connection programming in the nonprofit sector, public and private schools, summer and after-school programs throughout the unceded territories of Wabanaki and Abenaki people.

She is on a journey of deepening relationship with the more than human world and connecting with her ancestral lineages. Her introduction to tracking, bird language, plant medicine, friction fire, shelter building, scout skills, homesteading and off grid living began when she worked for the Maine Primitive Skills School in 2014.

In 2018 she began the multi year Wild Mind Training Program with Animas Valley Institute and in 2019 she completed a graduate certificate in Ecopsychology through Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has also participated in Helping the Butterfly Hatch, a mentorship program for facilitators of Self Directed Education. She is also a certified Forest Therapy Guide.

When she is not working Caitlin enjoys exploring the woods, following animal trails, making medicine, foraging food, creating art, running barefoot, practicing yoga, and dancing.