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Sliding Scale Tuition

The sliding scale tuition model is a type of fee structure that accounts for variability in assets, income, and expenses as an attempt to increase accessibility for people with less financial and/or class privilege. We recognize there are social, physical, and material barriers to accessing this type of programming as well.

If neither the subsidized or scholarship rates are accessible for your family, please contact us and let us know what your needs are. We are committed to making programs accessible to anyone who is interested and are actively fundraising to increase our capacity to reach this goal.

This model allows self selection of registration cost, please pay the actual cost of attendance if you do not experience difficulty meeting your family’s basic needs such as housing, food, and transportation.

Where do you fall on the tuition scale? We believe that examining the intersection of privilege, wealth, and class is a lifelong process. The following questions are offered to provide starting points for exploring these topics, and not a definite tool for evaluating privilege and wealth.

You might qualify to pay full tuition if some or all of these apply to you:

Own property.

Can afford to take time off or go on vacation.

Receive unearned or gifted income.

Have a retirement account or other investments.

Choose to work part time or not at all.

Make more than 75K per year.

Have no debt.

You might qualify to utilize the sliding scale if some or all of these apply to you:

Living paycheck to paycheck.

Struggle to pay minimum payments on debt.

Experience difficulty meeting basic needs like housing, food, and transportation.

Do not have savings.

Your ability to work or earn money is affected by illness, mental or physical disability.

Have to work more than 40 hours a week to make ends meet.

Read more about Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice.

Economics for a Regenerative Future

Join us in a commitment to investing in resilient economic systems that uplift the potential for exchanges that enrich all life.

Sliding Scale options are in place to support families who experience barriers to wealth accumulation. This could mean: parents with physical, emotional, or mental challenges, single parent households, families who have been significantly affected financially by Covid-19, or families who are facing systemic barriers to equal income opportunities. These discounts are self serve options on an honesty system for up to 45 percent off of normal tuition prices. Use one of the codes below to see this discount applied in your cart at check out.

Subsidized5 for 5% off

Subsidized10 for 10% off

Subsidized15 for 15% off

Subsidized20 for 20% off

Scholarship25 for 25% off

Scholarship30 for 30% off

Scholarship35 for 35% off

Scholarship40 for 40% off

Scholarship45 for 45% off

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