Tracking Club


Saturday, June 24 at Thistle Pond in Monroe

Next date TBD at Sears Island in Searsport

12:30pm – 2:30pm

with Meg Gilmartin

A fun way to develop tracking skills for all ages! Join us as we peer into the lives of wild animals through the tracks they leave behind. You can never be sure who we will cross paths with, coyote, bobcat, bear, fisher, and more. Meg has taught tracking to a diverse group of audiences, including in public schools, after school groups, and a wide variety of adults. Her approach is to make tracking accessible for anyone, and to inspire curiosity about the natural world.

No prior training is required to participate.

  • You may want to bring note taking materials.
  • Bring layers, we will be outside for the entirety of our time together.

Sliding Scale Tuition

The sliding scale tuition model is a type of fee structure that accounts for variability in assets, income, and expenses as an attempt to increase accessibility for people with less financial and/or class privilege. We recognize there are social, physical, and material barriers to accessing this type of programming as well. This model allows self selection of registration cost, please pay towards the higher end of the scale if you do not experience difficulty meeting basic needs such as housing, food, and transportation.

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